More growers choose polycarbonate panel greenhouses
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More growers choose polycarbonate panel greenhouses

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At present, many greenhouse growers choose polycarbonate panels as the covering material for greenhouses. Compared with glass greenhouses, it has the advantages of light weight, less skeleton material, low manufacturing cost, high light shielding rate of structural components, long service life, and high production efficiency, which can basically reach the equivalent level of glass greenhouses.

Polycarbonate panels are sheets made from rigid plastic that are nearly as transparent as glass. Their material offers sufficient impact resistance and creates one of the strongest greenhouse coverings available to growers.


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In addition to superior strength, polycarbonate panel provides a greenhouse with high levels of both light transmission and light diffusion. An ideal range for light transmission in greenhouse production is typically considered between 80 and 90 percent. Polycarbonate greenhouse panels hover at both ends of that threshold, depending on their thickness and number of layers.

Polycarbonate Greenhouse are quickly becoming a favorite choice amongst growers, and it’s easy to see why. For growers who need to thrive in cold weather, or just want to give their operation a boost, polycarbonate panels offer the perfect solution for improving crop growth and increasing profits.