Precautions for the design of modern greenhouse sites
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Precautions for the design of modern greenhouse sites

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Cannabis greenhouse design requires reasonable flexibility in drawing design, such as designing multi-functional areas that can meet different stages, and transformable areas. Such preparation will save a lot of potential costs for future expansion and adjustment of the business.

Factors you need to consider

Considerations include the rational design of connecting the greenhouse with the warehouse, drying room, processing room and office, and ensuring that the site drawing design is carried out at the same time as the design of the security system and standard production procedures (SOP).

Like many crops, hemp prefers different temperatures at different stages of growth. In general, greenhouse temperatures are between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 30 degrees Celsius). Your greenhouse heating and cooling system needs to consider the temperature needs and control needs of each zone

Since lights generate a lot of heat, the rational use of this part of the heat can save some energy, but not heating equipment, plants usually only need 18 or 12 hours of lighting, so the time period when there is no lighting and insufficient heating at night will affect the growth cycle.

The ventilation of the greenhouse depends on the temperature and humidity requirements. Greenhouse ventilation can be divided into two broad categories: 1) natural ventilation covering roof vents, sidewall vents and rolls, and 2) the need for forced ventilation, mechanical systems such as exhaust fans, and sometimes thermal pads.

Adjusting lighting levels will increase yields in cannabis greenhouses. One of the biggest advantages that greenhouse growing offers over light-tight indoor growing is that greenhouse plants can benefit from natural sunlight. Sunlight not only provides plants with the natural energy they need to grow, but also saves growers electricity consumption. However, when plants are in the vegetative period, maintaining 12-18 hours of light performance is best.

Plants need a light source to complete photosynthesis during growth, but need shading to complete respiration during flowering. Cannabis at this stage requires complete shading, ensuring 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness in the greenhouse to encourage the plants to bloom. If you just simply turn off the lights, the breathing will not be enough due to the long sunshine time, so it is best to use an electrically controlled blackout curtain to achieve it.

The site design of modern greenhouses is very complex and requires the coordination of engineering designers, planting experts, security experts, quality assurance experts (QA), compliance experts, plumbing and ventilation experts.

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