Single Span Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Single Span Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Blackout greenhouse is specially designed for plants with special growing environment needs, such as legal cannabis.

It can maximize plant yield by manipulating indoor lighting, temperature, humidity, and other conditions.

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What is single span cannabis greenhouses?

light deprivation greenhouse

Cannabis greenhouse is also called a light deprivation greenhouse. It is a kind of automated greenhouse specially designed for plants with special lighting needs like medical marijuana. With the blackout greenhouse series of supporting facilities, cannabis growers can perfectly control the factors affecting plant growth, such as light, temperature, humidity, shorten the plant growth cycle, maximize the yield and protect the herbs from many natural threats.

Usually, we will distinguish greenhouse types as single-span and multi-span. The whole greenhouse, like a tunnel, has only one beam called single-span greenhouse, and many light deprivation greenhouses placed and connected side-by-side is a multi-span cannabis greenhouse. Single span series is often the foundation model of multi-span series, and so is a single-span blackout greenhouse. Although it covers a small area, a single-span blackout greenhouse has all the functions of a blackout greenhouse should have. It is the best choice for small-scale growers.


How does light deprivation greenhouse work?cannabis greenhouse

The planting of legal cannabis has strict requirements for environmental factors, especially for light. In order to solve this problem, we have designed a shading system in the light deprivation greenhouse. There are supplementary lights in the cannabis greenhouse. This system enables you to accurately adjust the amount of indoor light and simulate the most suitable lighting conditions for plants. At the same time, the system has a perfect cooling system, through cooling fans and cooling plates, the room temperature in the greenhouse can be controlled in the most suitable growth zone of plants.


light deprivation greenhouse

Name Specification Description
Arch φ60*2.0mm bows, 2m spacing

Hot galvanized steel square tube,

with zinc coated 275g/m²

Roof Purlin 7 runs ofφ32*1.5mm tube
Truss Supports 50*30*1.5mm pipe
Derrick and Brace 50*30*1.5mm
Door 1.5*2m Aluminum alloy frame
Optional Side ventilation with roll up machine.

Drip/Micro irrigation system.

Heating/Cooling system.

Blackout System Features

  • Light dep systems are customized for individual greenhouse.
  • Great flexibility for staging crop cycles.
  • Prevent light contamination from neighbors, street lights, etc.
  • Reduce supplemental light reflecting out of the greenhouse at night.
  • New blackout curtain offers simplicity, ease of installation, operation, and control.
  • Blackout curtains are UV-Stabilized for the longest lifespan.
  • Daylight control and additional energy savings.

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