Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
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Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench

Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench

Ebb and flow table is the industry standard for propagating seedlings in modern greenhouse, especially rolling bench for hemp cultivation growing systems.

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When the Irrigation Ebb&Flow Rolling Bench is irrigated, the water and fertilizer integrated machine can be used at the same time. The tray is filled with water or nutrient solution, and the water or nutrient solution is retained for a certain period of time, so that the crop can pass through the drainage hole of the flower pot bottom absorb moisture by capillary action. And then the irrigation water is discharged or collected for reuse, or directly discharged to the sewer pipe.

Rolling bench system supports maturing plants through top heavy growth, minimizing the risk of stem damage.They increase space efficiency and directly add more output profits for marijuana cultivation.



Grower benefit
1. Effectively reduce crop diseases. Reduce the humidity in the greenhouse, the leaves and flowers of the crops are always kept in a dry state, thereby reducing the growth of pathogens.
2. Promote plant growth. A large amount of oxygen is transported to the roots of crops along with the nutrient solution, which makes the root system development more vigorous, reduces root diseases and promotes plant growth.
3. Improve quality. The crops can be watered uniformly at the same time, which is convenient for precise control and improves the quality of the crops.
4. Reduce costs. A large part of the labor cost of planting and production comes from manual irrigation. After using the ebb&flow rolling bench, the irrigation can be fully automated, which improves irrigation efficiency and reduces low labor costs.
5. Humanized homework. The staff can work at a suitable height without having to bend over frequently, thereby reducing back injuries. Keeping the passway dry can reduce the growth of slippery algae and reduce work-related accidents.
6. Save water resources. Irrigation water can be collected and recycled, minimizing the waste of water resources and reducing expensive fertilizer cost.


Selling point
1. Convenient operation, maximum efficient use of space.
2. Increase the cultivation area by 30%, save 70% of irrigation water, 30% of fertilizer, and improve efficiency.
3. Reduce pests and diseases, improve the crop quality

Technical character
1. New ABS seedling tray provides a better growing environment for crops.
2.Good adjustability, provide left and right movement, up and down adjustment.
3.Application range is wide, can be used with vegetables and flowers, hemp seedling and cultivation.
4.Equipped with built-in pipes for fast drainage.
5.Provide fresh nutrient solution for crops, concentration is controlled.
6. Save costs and increase revenue per unit area.


ABS Tray Material Food Grade ABS material
Width 3ft/4ft/5ft/5.5ft/6ft(0.91m/1.22m/1.53m/1.69m)
Length Any customized length available
Size Customer ordered or our engineer customized according to customer greenhouse size
Hot-selling Model 4*8ft (1.22*2.44m) (stock available)


Use Life More than 15 years service life
1set includes ABS Tray, Supporting Frame, Cross Brace, Aluminum Boarder, Water Inlet and Outlet, Hand Wheel, Rolling Bracket Pipe, Anti-Clamp
Optional Items Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Longitudinal Bar
Deformed With Supporting Type: with horizontal, Vertical&Longitudinal Bar

Movable Type: Change hand wheel to feet wheel;

Fixed Type: no hand wheel, change round bracket pipe to square pipe


Facility Included