Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
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Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench
Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench

Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench

Ebb & Flow Rolling Benches are the perfect fit for single-level growers in the Mother, Vegetative, and Flowering stages of the cannabis life cycle. With a moveable aisle, growers can maximize the efficiencies of their grow room and double their plant space!

  • Convenient operation, maximum efficient use of space.
  • Increase the cultivation area by 30%, save 70% of irrigation water, 30% of fertilizer, and improve efficiency.
  • Reduce pests and diseases, improve the crop quality.


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Ebb & flow rolling benches (also called as Hydroponic Rolling Benches or Ebb&Flow Flood Tables) are available in a variety of configurations. Bench top trays feature sturdy polystyrene with UV inhibitors for decades of worry-free use.
All lengths are customized to meet your exact needs. Options include stationary benches, rolling benches, track benches, expanded metal benches, and custom designs.
Benches are also available with expanded metal tops in place of the Ebb and Flow trays. Ebb and Flow trays may also be ordered separately. This allows you to retrofit existing benches to an Ebb and Flow system.


Working Principle

When the bench is flooding, they allow the water to flow evenly throughout the entire surface of the bench and rise simultaneously over the entire bench surface, evenly watering all plants on the bench. Likewise, when the bench has finished its irrigation cycle, the entire bench surface drains evenly, and the system of drainage grooves in the bench surface allows water to drain completely from all the plants so that no plants are sitting in standing water.


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Our Ebb & flow rolling benches are designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials.

  • Bench structure galvanized 1” steel tubing
  • Extruded Aluminum side rails, rounded bench corners
  • Molded polystyrene Ebb and Flow tray inserts
  • Anti-tip bracket welded together with galvanized steel tubing
  • Bearing Capacity: up to 500 N/m2
  • Ebb and flow tray: ABS plastic.
  • Frame: 6063-T5 aluminium profile.
  • Bench end braces: hot dipped galvanized steel tube.



Advantages of growing on ebb and flow rolling benches


1.  Save 50-90% of water. Crops are always watered very evenly. Save 75% to 90% fertilizer than traditional watering methods. Save labor and cost.

2.  Preassembly of components for easy installation. Factory welded stands for easy operation.

3.  Cannabis crops grown on Ebb & Flow rolling benches tend to finish 1–2 weeks earlier than other irrigation systems.

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Technical Character

  1. All parts pre-drilled, pre-punched, pre-cut, and ready to assemble.
  2. New ABS seedling tray provides a better growing environment for crops.
  3. Good adjustability, provide left and right movement, up and down adjustment.
  4. Application range is wide, can be used with vegetables and flowers, hemp seedling and cultivation.
  5. Equipped with built-in pipes for fast drainage.
  6. Provide fresh nutrient solution for crops, concentration is controlled.
  7. Save costs and increase revenue per unit area.
ABS Tray Material Food Grade ABS material
Width 3ft/4ft/5ft/5.5ft/6ft(0.91m/1.22m/1.53m/1.69m)
Length Any customized length available
Size Customer ordered or our engineer customized according to customer greenhouse size
Hot-selling Model 4*8ft (1.22*2.44m) (stock available)


Use Life More than 15 years service life
1set includes ABS Tray, Supporting Frame, Cross Brace, Aluminum Boarder, Water Inlet and Outlet, Hand Wheel, Rolling Bracket Pipe, Anti-Clamp
Optional Items Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Longitudinal Bar
Deformed With Supporting Type: with horizontal, Vertical&Longitudinal Bar

Movable Type: Change hand wheel to feet wheel;

Fixed Type: no hand wheel, change round bracket pipe to square pipe


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Facility Included



For more information or quotes, please send an inquiry