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Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse
Hybrid Greenhouse

Hybrid Greenhouse

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According to different covering material, we supply PC Sheet Cannabis Greenhouse, Hybrid Cannabis Greenhouse, PE Film Cannabis Greenhouse, Sealed Cannabis Greenhouse

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To meet any wind or snow loads and make greenhouses ideal for growers who grow in harsh winter climates and year-round, a new variant of greenhouses has emerged: part greenhouse, part warehouse, called the hybrid greenhouse combination insulated walls with standard polycarbonate panel or glass roof. This hybrid greenhouse looks like a warehouse and is very safe.

A hybrid greenhouse delivers the control of an indoor warehouse but has the efficiency of a traditional greenhouse. The design allows for full sunlight exposure that can be limited or taken away using light deprivation screens. The exteriors of this greenhouse are made from insulated metal panels to protect against light and intruders.

This PC+PU hybrid structures light-dep greenhouse reduce or eliminate ventilation, then the crops are not exposed to the molds and pests from outside. Dehumidifier, heating system and cooling system control the climate, providing air circulation and CO2 without ventilation.


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Other technologies include motors that automatically raise and lower the lights in order to provide intense lighting when turned on and minimize shadow when the lights are off. Finally, an automatic light deprivation system is tightly sealed to the greenhouse frame, creating the equivalent of 100% darkness.

Hybrid greenhouse combines the advantages of indoor and outdoor farming. As growers continue to demand more controlled, automated, efficient and durable structures, hybrid greenhouse provides growers with a closer to perfect growing option.


Huifa Greenhouse Specialist Provide Free Consultation and Project Design

Whether you are a new grower or an experienced grower, our professional team with 15 years of experience can supply the most suitable planting solutions to achieve high-quality planting!

Items Specification

*Length: 105ft, 120ft, 131ft, 144ft(32m, 36m, 40m, 44m), Width: 30ft, 60ft, 90ft(9m, 18m, 27m);

* Hot Selling Model: 120*90ft, 105*90ft, 120ft*60ft (36*27m, 36*18m, 32*18m), can be customized;

* Wind Load: 90mph(140km/h)  Snow Load: 27lbs  Hanging Load: 40b/sqft

* Control System: 220-240v/380v, ph1/ph3, 50Hz/60Hz available.

Applied Group

* High-Quality Light-Dep Greenhouse Planter

* Indoor to Greenhouse Growers

The Effect achieved

* Get the highest-quality in all 4 seasons, the output is higher than  outdoor planting every season.

* More controllable planting conditions, more security and durability and more energy efficient with hybrid structures , supply the temperature, humidity, lighting, planting system required for high-quality planting and precise management;

* 100% light depth design and lighting system settings, perfect integration of natural lighting and precise control of the indoor environment, only need to fill the light, the operating cost is 50-90% lower than indoor planting;

* Prevent external mold and pest infestation;

*The entire greenhouse project is imported, the cost is greatly reduced, and the adaptability is greatly improved;

Facility Included



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