Canabis Growing Single Span Light Dep Greenhouse

Light dep greenhouse is also called blackout light deprivation greenhouse,  designed for canabis cultivation and growing by adjusting and controlling the lighting and temperature systems.


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Single Span Light Dep Greenhouse Introduction: 

We are greenhouse manufacturer for automatic single-span light dep greenhouse and other intelligent greenhouse system and equipment over 10 years. 

cannabis blackout greenhouse

Light Dep Greenhouse Application:

–Cannabis cultivation&growing
–Chrysanthemum planting
–Poinsettias planting
–Medical material/herbs planting

light dep greenhouse

Light Deprivation Greenhouse Benefits:

–Creating an excellent growth environment for crops;
–Maximmize yield through blackout system curtain and greenhouse lighting systems to balance and adjust the light, cooling& heating system&light dep greenhouse ventilation system to control temperature, humidity and light from seedling to flowering production;
–Growers can get returns,higher &faster& more steadily through light system;

Automatic single span light deprivation greenhouse system parameter:

Model Width Length Distance between 2 arches Shoulder Height Top Height
HF30105 30ft 105ft/118ft/92ft 6.6ft 6.6ft 14.8ft
Pipe Dia. Wind Load Snow Load Plants hanging load Rainfall Covering film
Φ60mm 0.35KN/m^2 0.25KN/m^2 0.15KN/m^2 140mm/h 150-200micron

–Light dep greenhouse is composed by hot dip galvanized steel pipe as structure and use life time : ≥15 years
–Greenhouse curtain is made by 3-layer breathable fabric blackout curtain systems, anti-Uv, shading rate 100%, 1pc gear box with control box open and close shading net system
–Aluminum alloy frame door 

Light dep greenhouse cover: 

–Pastic PE film, light transmittance:90%, anti-Uv and anti-drop;
–Thickness: 150micron, 3-5year guarantee period, Uv transmission:300-390%, tear resistance 15gf/mic,dart drop:530G
–Thickness: 200micron, 6-8year guarantee period, Uv transmission:300-390%, tear resistance 15gf/mic, dart drop:1000G
Greenhouse Design Drawing: 

Optional Greenhouse Systems: side and top ventilation by roll up machine with insect net, cooling pad and cooling fan with light prevent hood, shading net system, heating system, dehumidifier, greenhouse lighting system, drip/micro irrigation system, intelligent control system, seedling bed/ebb and flow rolling bench. 


Light deprivation greenhouse kits advantage: 

–Money&Time saving for auto light dep and light control system;
–Increase yield and profits with higher crops quality;
–Makes planting and growing more easiler and stable.


Huifa greenhouse got good reputation in worldwide markets because its cost-effectiveness, reliable performance and higher output. Long-term and mutual-benefits cooperations is our management philosophy we have been pursuing.