PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
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PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse
PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse

PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse

  • We offer affordable full light deprivation greenhouse kits and accessories in USA, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Australia, etc.
  • Automated Light Deprivation, Wind and Snow Resistant, 100% Blackout, Automated Controller.
  •  Greenhouse Specialists Provide Project Design/Consulting Services. Perfect After-sales Service.
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Polycarbonate greenhouse panels are extremely durable and provide operations with a reliable covering that lasts years. In both single-layer and twin-wall, these polycarbonate panels are highly impact resistant, and feature a 10 year warranty.

The transmittance of PC board is up to 89%, which is comparable to glass. UV coating prevent the board from getting yellow under the sunlight as well as fogging, poor light transmittance.
The impact resistance is 250-300 times greater than ordinary glass, 30 times than acrylic glass, 20 times than tempered glass with the same thickness.
Our polycarbonate board only weigh the half of standard greenhouse glass. It cuts the costs in terms of transportation, handling, installation.
Flame retardant. National standard GB50222-95 confirms that our PC board is a non-flammable first grade. It’s ignition point is at 580°C.
Temperature adaptability: PC board does not occur cold-brittle at -40°C; Does not get soften at 125°C.



Inner climate control facility
Considering your climate condition(light, temperature&humidity etc.) and the suitable planting environment you want to reach, we recommend below inner facilities:
(1) Temperature control
Considering relatively high temperature in summer, cooling system is required. It can lower 8-10℃ degrees inside greenhouse. In winter, temperature is very low, heater plays an important role for cannabis growing. In order to keep the temperature and humidity uniform inside the greenhouse, circulation fan is very necessary.
(2)Humidity control
Since cannabis has high requirements for the humidity, dehumidifier is equipped. Humidifier is also suggested in dry season or drought area.
(3) Air ventilation
According to the local climate, top ventilation or side ventilation can be used to adjust the air composition in the greenhouse. In Spring or Autumn, it can also play a role in adjusting the temperature.
(4)CO2 generation
CO2 generators have a very important effect on the quality of produced cannabis , which is listed in the optional system.
(5) Light supplement
As we know, cannabis is very sensitive to light. It requires 18h light and 6h dark in vegtative stage, 12h light & 12h dark in flower stage.
By controlling the light or darkness in the greenhouse, cannabis growth cycle can be controlled .
When light is needed, the greenhouse can take advantage of natural sunlight. In the case of insufficient sunlight, you can also use growing light for supplement.
When light is not needed, the light deprivation system can be used to achieve 100% blackout.


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Improved Growing Environment:

Energy-efficiency solution limit potentially harmful variability in the growing environment and maximum output. Good lighting system and climate control system provide a good environment for the growth, shorten the maturation cycle, and can be planted all the year round greatly improve the yield and with these facilities, profits increased by reliable produce large scale of first-class.

Durable Construction with Energy-Efficient Design:
Polycarbonate sheet light dep greenhouse is the finest type in the commercial light-dep greenhouse. Polycarbonate panels offer growers a superior cladding solution, delivering effective light transmission and diffusion, simplifying maintenance and improving their structure’s heat retention. They also present a number of options to choose from, which means operations in any region can use polycarbonate panels to improve their business.
PC series Greenhouse is extremely durable commercial light-depgreenhouse, with rigid polycarbonate covered that provides superior structural integrity and safety, this kind of greenhouse is ideal option for the grower that need a structural solution that can stand up to extreme weather.


Huifa Greenhouse Specialist Provide Free Consultation and Project Design


Our Greenhouse Specialists work with each customer to create the ideal cannabis greenhouse for their operation. With extensive industry experience, they can provide invaluable suggestions during the design process and design greenhouse systems that enable year-round production and boost profitability.

Maximum the Benefits of Every Inch Land is Our Mission !
Our professional engineer team will supply the most suitable planting solution for you!


For more information or quotes, please send an inquiry.

Items Specification
Parameter *Length: 105ft, 120ft, 131ft, 144ft(32m, 36m, 40m, 44m), Width: 30ft, 60ft, 90ft(9m, 18m, 27m);

* Hot Selling Model: 120*90ft, 105*90ft, 120ft*60ft (36*27m, 36*18m, 32*18m), can be customized;

Wind Load: 90mph(140km/h)  Snow Load: 27lbs  Hanging Load: 40b/sqft

* Control System: 220-240v/380v, ph1/ph3, 50Hz/60Hz available.

Applied Group * High-Quality Light-Dep Greenhouse Planter

* Indoor to Greenhouse Growers

The Effect achieved * Get the highest-quality Light-Dep in all 4 seasons, the output is higher than outdoor planting every season.

* More controllable planting conditions, the pc sheet commercial greenhouse supply the temperature, humidity, lighting, planting system required for high-quality planting and precise management

* 100% light dep design and light system settings, only supplemental lighting is need, thus drop energy use and cost dramatically;

* High degree of automation, high efficiency, strong and durable;

* More energy-saving structure and stable temperature, natural lighting and precisely controlled indoor environment are perfectly integrated, and the operating cost is 50-90% lower than that of indoor planting;

* Prevent external mold and pest infestation;

*The whole set of greenhouse project is imported, the cost is greatly reduced, and the adaptability is greatly improved;

Facility Included


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