Vegetable Flower Planting PC Sheet Greenhouse

Vegetable Flower Planting PC Sheet Greenhouse

PC sheet greenhouse is preferred Venlo type, with good light transmittance, low heat conduction coefficient& thermal insulation performance, stable structure, beautiful form, smooth version, with rainy grooves, quick drainage volume, strong wind resistance ability, suitable for area of big wind and rainfall and reduce the repeated construction and investment.

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Pc Sheet Greenhouse:
Polycarbonate Greenhouse is widely used for flower, vegetable, fruit, and high-value crops planting;
Specially used in the area with heavy wind/ rain/snow because of its stable structure and performance;

Increase the crops yield through controlling the temperature, humidity to make the growers get more output;
With the advantage of long service life, anti-wind and snow, good outlook and great lighting performance;

PC sheet greenhouse is a good choice compare with plastic film greenhouse or glass greenhouse by its sturdiness and moderate total investment.

pc sheet greenhouse

PC sheet Greenhouse Parameter:

Span Width 8m/9.6m/10.8m/12m
Height on gutter 4m/5m/6m
Height on top 4.8m/5.8m/6.8m
Distance between pillars 4m (inside) / 2m (outside)
Bay width 4m


Polycarbonate greenhouse widely used for flower, vegetable, fruit, and high-value crops planting:

greenhouse effect

Characteristic of PC sheet greenhouse:

• Transparency: PC plate transmittance is up to 89%, Uv-coated panels isn’t yellowing when exposed to sunlight, great&table lighting performance;
• Light Weight: PC sheet proportion is only half of the glass, saves the cost of transportation, unloading, installation& support frames.
• Impact Resistance: impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass.
• UV Protection: PC board is coated with anti-Uv coated on 1 side&anti-condensation treatment on other side,fire resistance& anti-condensation.

• Energy-Saving: keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter, the insulation of PC board is up to 49%, strong heat insulation.
• Temperature Adaptability: strong weather resistance and thermal adaptability, PC board no cold brittleness at -100°C, no soften at 135°C.

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Greenhouse System to increase the plant yield:

greenhouse equipment

Optional system according to the plant enviroment request and budget!

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