Plastic Film Gothic Polytunnel Greenhouse

Plastic Film Gothic Polytunnel Greenhouse

Polytunnel greenhouse is also called multi-span greenhouse, featured by its round shape of roof, all-mental structure and poly plastic film covering. 

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Polytunnel Greenhouse Advantage:

Polytunnel Greenhouse is high structural durability and resistance to corrosion;
More operation space&utilizable area;
Good ventilation and temperature adjustment;
Easy installation&maintain;
Economical input with faster output

   Polytunnel Greenhouse

Greenhouse Application: 

Poly tunnel greenhouse for tomota, cucumber, strawberry, watermelon, pepper,eggplant, loofah,spinage, shallot,  lettuce and other vegetables planting and growing.

Polytunnel Greenhouse Feature: 

poly tunnel greenhouse

multi span greenhouses

Greenhouse equipment inside option: cooling fan and cooling pad, greenhouse irrrigation system, greenhouse shading system, side and top ventilation system, control system for temperature and humidity, these greenhouse system is optional according to the crops request planting environment.

Our engineer will give most suitable greenhouse solution according to the crops, planting area temperature, rain and snow, and your approximate budget.
Customization is available in our factory!