Easy Installation Single Span Greenhouse Kits

Easy Installation Single Span Greenhouse Kits

Tunnel greenhouse with advantage of easy assembly,lower investment and high output.

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Single span greenhouse is used for vegetable growing and cultivation and other economic crops. Effectively prevent natural disasters and improve unit area output and income for growers.

single span greenhouse

 Vegetable growing greenhouse characteristic:
1. More working space than common greenhouse, simple greenhouse structure, easy to install and maintain;
2. Greenhouse construction, excellent hot-dip galvanized steel structures and accessories, anti-corrosion, 15 years life span;
3. Proprietary technology for plastic PE film, famous brand, more thinner and durable; 
4. Ventilation and insect nets can give your planting under a comfortable situation; 
5. Cucumbers, tomatoes, yield per 1000㎡ normally more than 10000kg, yield increase.


Single span greenhouse with vertical side height parameters:

greenhouse with vertical side ventilation parameter

Greenhouse cover (plastic film): 

Material: PE+EVA
Characteristic: Anti-dew and dustproof , Anti-dripping,anti-fog,anti-aging
Thickness:80/100/120/130/140/150/200micro for optional
Light transmission:>89%   Diffusion:53%   Temperature range: -40 to 60C

greenhouse film

Optional Greenhouse Systems: side and top ventilation by roll-up machine with insect net, cooling pad and cooling fan, shade netting system, heating system, drip and micro-irrigation system, seedling bed/ebb and flow rolling bench for option.


Greenhouse Application: 

–Vegetable Planting(tomota, cucumber, pepper,pimento, eggplant, loofah,spinage, shallot,  lettuce growing)
–Friut Planting (strawberry, melon, watermelon)
–Flower Growing
–Trees Planting

Greenhouse Design Drawing:

greenhouse design drawing

Best easy-installation greenhouse is good for benefits return easily and quickly.