Tropical Sawtooth Greenhouse

Tropical Sawtooth Greenhouse

Tropical greenhouse is with ventilation in the middle of each span of the greenhouse, widely used in tropical area.

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Tropical greenhouse is mostly used in tropical areas and African countries with top ventilation for air going in and out smoothly.

Effectively reduce the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. Especially suitable for flowers and crops with low humidity requirements.

Tropical Greenhouse

Characteristic of Tropical Greenhouse :
· Easy to assemble and maintain
· High roof openings for natural ventilation
· Optimal heat and humidity release
· Structure suitable for warm climates

Tropical Greenhouse Structure Parameter:

Greenhouse System for adjusting temperature to increase yield:

greenhouse cooling pad    greenhouse cooling fan

          Greenhouse Cooling Pad                         Greenhouse Cooling Fan
shading net system    greenhous shading net
         Greenhouse Shading Net                                 Shading Net System
       Micro Irrigation System                                   Drip Irrigation System
Optional system: cooling fan and cooling pad, greenhouse irrrigation system, shade netting system, side and top ventilation system, control system for temperature and humidity, these greenhouse system is optional according to the crops request planting environment.
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