Customizable High Tunnel Greenhouse

Customizable High Tunnel Greenhouse

Huifa High Tunnel Greenhouse is highly customzable on sizes and interior equipments to fit your specific project needs.


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Huifa Tunnel Greenhouse Characteristic

Tunnel greenhouse is one of the most widely used commercial greenhouses. Its structure is relatively simple with low costs. High tunnel greenhouse can accumulate heat by light so that the average indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature for a long time. At the same time, the film greenhouse also has the function of resisting bad weather and insect pests. With the help of tunnel greenhouses, growers can harvest crops about a month earlier in spring and one month longer in autumn. In this way, the growers can not only use about two months more planting time each year but also avoid the time for others to sell fruits and vegetables on the market, so as to obtain higher economic benefits with better quality products.

Tunnel greenhouse is one of the most widely used greenhouse series. Usually, we also call it as Film Greenhouse, Polytunnel, High Tunnel, High Hoops, and Plastic Greenhouse. It is determined by its appearance. Single-arch film greenhouse needs less space and is easy to build. It is often the preferred choice for individual growers.


high tunnel greenhouse


Standard High Tunnel Structure and Specification

high tunnel greenhouse

*Minimal Order: 5000 square feet.

Why we are better

Different film covering materials have different transmittance. Transparency is an extremely important index in greenhouse covering materials because it directly affects crop yield. Through our years of research, we found that for every 1% increase in the transmittance of the greenhouse, the yield of crops planted in the greenhouse will also increase by about 1%. In order to maximize the benefits of users, we selected PEP films with a transmittance of 88%. At the same time, ordinary plastic films only have 80% transmittance on the surface in markets. Choosing us, you are choosing 8% more production!

Ordinary plastic film will be aging rapidly after sunshine exposure, the product life becomes very short. As a result, growers often need to re-purchase films for coverage, which adds unnecessary costs. In order to solve this problem, we add a layer of anti-ultraviolet coating on the film, which can effectively prolong the service life of the film. In non-extreme climatic conditions, the service life of our films can be as long as 5 years.

The interior environment of the greenhouse is usually humid and hot. Under this condition, the common steel frame is easy to rust, which affects the appearance and service life of greenhouse. All our frames are galvanized steel, which can perfectly cope with the internal environment of greenhouse and avoid the loss caused by rusting of materials. We can guarantee that our membrane greenhouse frame can last more than 15 years.


High tunnel greenhouses can be customized in various sizes and forms.

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