Customizable High Tunnel Greenhouse

HUIFA High Tunnel Greenhouse is highly customzable on sizes and interior equipments to fit your specific project needs.

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HUIFA High Tunnel Greenhouse Features

High tunnel greenhouse is the most widely used commercial greenhouses for crop production. HUIFA greenhouse futures longer growing season, all-around crop protection, durable structure while still maintaining low cost per square feet.

HUIFA greenhouse can be customized in almost any size to fit the use case. We offer many environment control options including ventilation, cooling&heating, and etc. 

All of our greenhouses are designed for heavy snow and wind loads. HUIFA greenhouses are produced at a high-quality standard. Our structures are built to last more than 15 years.

HUIFA Greenhouse Advantages:

» Durable structure last more than 15 years

» Easy to build and assemble (pre-drilled&cut)

» Customizable greenhouse

» Quick and reliable shipping options

» Compactible with optional equipment

» In-door growing systems available

» Detailed installation manual&videos

*Basic High Tunnel Greenhouse Parameter

Model  SG008 SG009 Pipe Dia Rainfall Covering Film 
Width(m)  8m 9m  25/32/40/50/60

mm for choice

 140mm/h 80-200 micro
Length(m)  Customize Customize
Arch Distance  1.0-2.0m 1.0-2.0m
Shoulder Height 1.4m 1.3m
Top Height 3.3m 2.9m
Wind Load  0.35-0.5KN/m²
Snow Load  0.25-0.4KN/m²

Side Ventilation with Roll-up Machine

Drip/Micro Irrigation System

Heating System/Cooling System/Shading System

Applications  Strawberry, Watermelon, Cucumber, Tomato, Vegetable, Flower and Cash Crops.

*Minimum Order: 8500 square feet / 800 square meters.
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Customized Greenhouse and Project Design/Consulting

We provide complete greenhouse customization services. Any personalized requirements for the size, specifications and internal facilities, we are able to offer professional engineers to design the greenhouse to meet the individual needs.

To help new and experienced growers, we also offer 1 on 1 consulting service at no cost.

Here is the deal: when a client purchased any products from us, we assign a greenhouse specialist to the client for rapid communication and problem solving. We aim to provide rapid and quality after-purchase services.

We provide installation tutorials and overseas installation services to ensure that you can put them into use as soon as possible.

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Greenhouse Covering Material:

plastic film Greenhouse is covered with PE film on top/sides,

and iron sheets on both ends.

Covering Film Thickness: 150/200 micron

Global Light Transmission: 90%

Diffusion: 20%

UV Transmission: 300-390%

Tear Resistance: 15gf/mic

Dart Drop: 530/1000G

Life Span: 5-6 years for 150 micron, 6-8 years for 200 micron

Advantages of PE film:
High quality and durable PE film. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Anti-dripping, anti-fog, anti-aging, high permeability, good light transmission, good transparency and heat scalability, waterproof, moisture-proof.

More Optional Equipments

cooling fan and pad

Cooling Fan&Pad System

drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation

ebb flow rolling bench

Ebb&Flow Rolling Bench


Micro Sprinkler


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