Vertical Grow Racks
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Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks
Vertical Grow Racks

Vertical Grow Racks

Cannabis vertical growing racks are the most efficient indoor growing solution and can double your storage capacity while also keeping your plants safe.

We provide one-stop indoor planting solutions, including cannabis grow racks and grow room.

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Multi-tier cultivation is one of the most important advanced technology in greenhouse automation during the last few years.

Not only does a multi-level rolling bench system offers the best possible space usage, but it also contributes to the overall sustainability of a production greenhouse.

The vertical grow rack is a multi-layer system that is easily applicable in both existing spaces and new spaces. The racks are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel and can be supplied static or mobile.


Vertical Grow Rack Floor Plan


1. Multi-layer track design makes full use of space.

2. New ABS seedling tray, uniform layer load, strong load capacity (90kg/m2);

3. Strong adjustability, support left and right movement, up and down adjustment.

4. Wide range of applications, used for growing seedlings of vegetables, hemp, flowers, etc.

5. Tailor-made by professional engineers, support all-round customization of length, width, height, and    number of layers.

6. Save costs and increase revenue per unit area.



Why choose us?

We take great care to make sure your plants are stored securely, and that means taking into consideration things trellises and netting to help keep the cannabis plants from sprawling into the aisles, where they might get bumped or broken. Proper spacing allows all the plants to get adequate exposure to light, which encourages bud formation, which is something we plan for when taking into account our system design. Our cannabis vertical grow systems are completely tailored to your success.



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Facility Included

Product Name
Vertical Grow Rack
Tray Material
2.4x1.2m, 4.8x1.2m 7.3x1.2m, it can be Customized
1.2m,it can be Customized
2.4/4.8/7.3/9.7m ,it can be Customized
Tray Thinkness
Tray Depth
UV Protective Ability
Frame Material
Aluminium Alloy
Valve Sump
End Trays, Middle Tray and Division Trays
White or Black or Gray

Cannabis vertical growing racks in high-density cannabis grow facilities to maximize space and profit.

These pictures are our customer planting feedback. We supply single-tier rolling bench and multi-tier grow racks, factory direct sales, export to 40+ countries!




For more information or quotes, please send an inquiry