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Sawtooth Tropical Greenhouse

Sawtooth Tropical Greenhouse Roofing ventilation is the individual most important have a new greenhouse should possess. Typically the expansion and health regarding your plants is immediately reliant on good venting and the environment that promotes. Huifa Sawtooth Tropical Greenhouse Features: Optional side wall gutters Cost effective design Complete installation manual is provided Opening and closing vertical roof vent Customization is available Good air ventilation Allows installation of roof ventilation downwind Hot Galvanized Steel Frame Hot galvanized steel frame, with zinc coated 275g/m2, durable for 10-15 years. Low eat absorption capacity, anti-rust, safe [...]

Huifa Engineers Installed Tropical Greenhouse for Client in Maldives

Huifa Greenhouse does not only offer high quality products but also has complete services throughout the whole process. Huifa engineer team is specialized in designing customized greenhouse solutions which fits clients’ needs and detailed videos and grapical manuals guarantee the greenhouse installation with ease. In late April, 2019, Huifa engineer team went overseas to visit a client in Maldives. Help installing the Huifa tropical sawtooth greenhouse. Tropical Sawtooth Project in Maldives Engineer Team Lead with Clients Huifa tropical sawtooth greenhouse construction is made [...]