To New Growers, Tunnel Greenhouse Facts and Tips
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To New Growers, Tunnel Greenhouse Facts and Tips

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To New Growers

In this article, I’m going to include the main reason why greenhouse farming nowadays is the mainstream and tips for new growers.

Main Benefit

The main benefit of farming in a greenhouse is that the growers are able to extend growing season by controlling the indoor temperature and lightning conditions to simulate the best growing environment for any specific crops. Plus, greenhouses are designed to protect crops from various threats such as extreme weather conditions like heavy wind and snow and diseases, etc. Also, growers benefit from improved production and quality.

Operation Site

There are many things you have to consider and decide about the site when you planning to stat your own greenhouse business. Starting from sun orientation, soil types, wind direction and weather conditions.

Sun orientation and wind direcction can affect which direction your greenhouse is going to be to get maximum sunlight and proper air ventilation.

Moreover, depends on the crops and weather conditions, you will then know what greenhouse facilities you will need for the specific crops that you are planting.


You should always consider about the minimum and maximum local temperature during the growing season. For example, PC sheet greenhouse offers a more durable structure and usually survives a lot better than the standard film greenhouse in an extreme weather condition like extreme snow and wind.


It’s never a shame to get insights from experenced people. Here at Huifa, we would love to help growers to achieve their goals and even to help them build their desired project. We have a team of experienced greenhouse specalists who truely understand agriculture and most important is that they know what are the key points to success.

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