What is the difference between indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grown cannabis?
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What is the difference between indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grown cannabis?

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Cannabis plants come in a variety of sizes and shapes, in a variety of colors, contain different cannabinoids, and are processed into a variety of products. These plants are often distinguished by their strains, how they are cultivated and even how they are eaten. There are three ways to grow cannabis plants,  indoor growing, outdoor growing and greenhouse growing.

So which planting form or method produces the best yields? In fact, there is no direct answer, because whether indoor, outdoor or greenhouse cannabis cultivation has its own unique advantages and uses. Below are comprehensive details of the three cannabis growing methods and the differences between them.


cannabis growing

cannabis growing


Cannabis Outdoor Growing

Outdoor cultivation allows plants to have direct exposure to sunlight. As we all know, no artificial light source can match the efficiency of the sun. Due to growing in full-spectrum sunlight, cannabis grown outdoors is richer in terpenes, and cannabinoids also have better properties than cannabis grown by other methods.

But not all cannabis grown outdoors looks great. They sometimes change due to various factors (sun, wind, rainfall, etc.), so the plants produce darker colors and thicker stems to suit the conditions. Outdoor cannabis can grow to incredible heights and sizes. They are generally tougher than indoor-grown cannabis plants.

Outdoor growing is the easiest and cheapest way to grow cannabis, while lower levels of cannabinoids.


Cannabis Indoor Growing

The process of growing cannabis indoors depends entirely on how the farmer handles it, unlike outdoor growing where nature dictates how fast the plant will grow, where the farmer controls the environmental conditions to produce the best yield from the plant. The advantage of this method is that the plants have a high density of trichomes, and they are also less affected by factors such as wind, sunlight and rainfall. They tend to have a more uniform color and stay fresh throughout the growing process. In addition, the reason growers prefer indoor growing is because it is not dependent on the season.

The downside is that these plants are expensive to grow and maintain. The energy operating costs for powering the light bulbs, pumps and fans must be considered.


Cannabis Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation is a combination of indoor cultivation and outdoor cultivation. Its cost is higher than outdoor cultivation, but lower than indoor cultivation.

cannabis grown in a greenhouse has access to outdoor resources, especially sunlight, and is free from pests and extreme climatic factors inside the greenhouse. This method works best in areas where cannabis is not suitable, especially for growers who cannot afford indoor growing space.

Greenhouse-grown cannabis plants are generally free of mold, mildew, disease, and pest infestations, but not all cannabis strains thrive in a greenhouse.

If you have just entered the cannabis growing industry and do not know how to choose a planting method, you can consult our professionals. We not only provide you with professional greenhouse facilities and Ebb&Flow Rolling Benches, but also solve the problems you encounter in the process of cannabis planting.